How We Are Dealing With COVID 19

This is our second week of opening since the government lifted some of the restrictions. There is no question that going forward it is going to be challenging times for many businesses and we are no exception.

Luckily we have a pretty firm foundation and with a few tweaks here and there we will be able to continue and keep providing this facility for the local area.

It is unknown how long these restrictions will be in place but we are guessing until at least the end of the year.

Again luckily social distancing is natural for us so with a few measures in place we are able to continue and keep everyone safe.

Our main issue, to keep everyone safe, are the monitoring of these measures, meaning the range must be attended at all times. Coupled with the range maintenance of cutting grass, ball collection and ball cleaning this adds up to quite long days which can be quite intense and stressful!

In a perfect world we would love to be open all hours but with demand at a lower level than normal this is not going to be possible. Even operating as normal our footfall was never enough to have the luxury of staff. 

To this end we have reduced our working hours a little and we will be closing one day to take a break, recuperate and keep refreshed.

We will be posting the closure day very shortly.

It is important we don't keep changing our opening hours so we are monitoring them closely to find a happy medium that works for our customers and us.

Please keep safe.