Tier 3 Covid Restrictions and Range Management

Now we are in tier 3 we have amended our restrictions a little to help keep us and everyone safe.

We are restricting entry to individuals and 2 persons together with no sharing of bays unless from the same household.

Groups of 3 or more will not be accepted.

There will be no hiring of clubs during this time.

In addition to these Covid operating procedures there are other factors which we call, range management, that determines our restrictions.

We are a small range with only only 9 bays so we are unable to cope with large numbers. We have built up a regular customer base over the last two years so we must look after our core members by keeping bays open for our regulars. Groups of 3 or more soon fill up the range and though we hate turning people away we must manage the range accordingly.

In addition at this time of year ball collecting is very difficult due to the nasty weather and short days. The range cannot support staff so again we have to manage the range accordingly.

This is just a heads up on our decisions, that we don't take lightly, to operate a golf range in strange times and to the best of our ability.